Building With Sprinklers

Include Fire Sprinklers When You Build Your New Home

Including fire sprinklers in your new home is a great idea that can save your family members’ lives. When sprinklers are installed during construction the national average cost is only $1.35 per fire sprinklered square foot. The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition is helping build support for residential fire sprinklers among builders through our BUILT FOR LIFE® materials. The BUILT FOR LIFE materials educates builders about fire sprinklers and teams them with fire service experts.

In our Homebuilders section you can watch the BUILT FOR LIFE video that details the entire building with sprinklers process . The BUILT FOR LIFE education kit includes brochures, a CD and DVD with everything you and your builder need to know about building with sprinklers. Best of all, you can order it for free. The BUILT FOR LIFE brochure can be downloaded so you can read it immediately. If you are thinking of putting sprinklers in your existing home, watch a video about Retrofitting a Home.

Test your knowledge of home fire sprinklers with the fun BUILT FOR LIFE Game with host Ron Hazelton.